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Angell Kelly - Online, Calgary-Based Psychic

Hi, I'm

Angell Kelly

If you asked me 2 years ago if I would be doing what I am today - reading energy, connecting with Spirit Guides, journeying to the Akashic Records - I would have NEVER believed you!

But what can I say? Life is friggin' magical ✨

Prior to my awakening, my spiritual practice involved meditation and loads of subconscious reprogramming to unblock and manifest the life I wanted. And I did. But next thing I knew, I unblocked myself enough for God to flow in!


I began studying A Course In Miracles and something cracked open inside me. I experienced the energy of love, oneness and forgiveness and I began to remember who I really am/we really are. 


I then felt called to explore my intuitive gifts, despite the fact that as far as I knew, I didn't have any! A powerful teacher and mentor flowed into my life - Nikki Novo - as well as a group of women to develop alongside, and there are no words for the world I've discovered since.

Now, rather than deciding what I think I want my life and my service to the world to look like, I follow Spirit. Today I serve by way of my Angell Readings in order to provide you with insight and guidance from Higher Consciousness to help you heal whatever is getting in the way of you walking your path & purpose. 

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